Kalemişi Dergisi
Cilt 3, Sayı 6  Güz 2015  (ISSN: 2148-046X, E-ISSN: )
Mustafa GENÇ, Vedat TEZCAN

NO Makale Adı

A specific time and space on the phenomenal appearance meaning of the 'new', it makes visible when a mandatory result the spatial processes, the unique individual qualities of Aristotle's something that also is essence, it brings with it the emergence process. Therefore, each individual object in existence is a product of processes that are both process itself as well as the one that can not be repeated by another individual objects, unless the ontological's contribution. In our study, the tradition and the philosophical concepts on which their new term 'history', 'now', 'future' concept are analyzed in the context of development of adventures in the history of philosophy will be considered for today abundantly discussed aesthetic modernity and tradition of debate.
The period in which "art" of traditional Turkish art work whatever is past all "is bad" emerged from the period of conception has fallen into a dilemma. On the issue, it has further complicated the one hand process of conflict between those who say that the traditional art of survival the only past periods of those who belong to the past with understanding advocate can be achieved with the well known and again need to stay in that period. Itri with Mozart at the same time failed to listen to the community may be directed to a preference as to say there is no history counts to produce a new one. Each time a new conventional production. Materials, techniques, rules change, but we understand the essence that we can solve it perhaps should be.
Traditional art of Turkey 'reproducibility' s issues to be associated with the facility will be made to develop the interdisciplinary study of the method.