Kalemişi Dergisi
Cilt 5, Sayı 10  Güz 2017  (ISSN: 2148-046X, E-ISSN: )
Güler Aybegüm ERSOY

NO Makale Adı

Village chambers, which are generally located in the vicinity of a village centre are built for outsiders to lodge and for villagers to meet and spend time conversing.Located in Büyükincirli Village, the village chambers examined in this study are Tatargilin, Şevkeninin Hasan’ın and Şehrinin Ali’nin. Mudbrick, brick and stone were used as materials in the village chambers. The one-floored plan consists of a living room, stable division for horses and a hallway. We come across a furnace, one of the most important parts of village chambers, in all of these three chambers. In the Tatargilin and Şevkenin Hasan’ın chambers, the side walls of the furnaces are furnished with wooden cabinets called yüklük. There are no decorative elements except the parts called flower stand or lamp stand in Tatargilin and Şevkenin Hasan’ın chambers.The aim of this study is to transfer the traditions of village chambers, which have recently decreased in number and lost significance due to technological developments, to next generations. The village chambers in Büyükincirli Village in Yozgat were particularly chosen in the study as there have been no other studies conducted on this topic before.Primarily, the three village chambers in Yozgat Büyükincirli Village were examined on-site, photographed and dated by collecting information from the present owners and the villagers. Then, the data on their construction, plan, frontage, decoration and present conditions were presented.In conclusion, despite being damaged, the chambers have survived until now. Nevertheless, the tradition of village chambers seems to be abandoned with today’s changing conditions and modernization. Rather than gathering villagers together and hosting guests, the chambers have lost their significance and are mostly used as storerooms at present.

Keywords: Village chambers, Yozgat, Büyükincirli Village, Public architecture.